Member Requirements

The focus of the organization is marketing support.

Members are local Business Owners, Professional Marketers, or others (by exception).

Members must be in good standing with requirements and regulations of their profession.

The organization is exclusive by profession.  Once a profession is represented, others of that profession are not to attend or participate. Exception may be made if our member of a profession chooses.

Members are expected to support, and participate and interact with one another.

Members will encourage outside speakers, with our education and business connections as goals.

Meetings are weekly, from 8:45a – 9:45a on Tuesdays.

There is no membership fee.

Members may choose to participate in organization and collective advertising, events, etc at the participants’ expense.

Members may express any concerns without fear.  This is a positive, empowering environment.

Members must attend 60% of meetings, as assessed on a rolling quarterly basis.

Members may miss up to 8 consecutive weeks without penalty for business or health reasons, as approved by Sarasota Professionals.

Members will be assessed by a membership committee, at a minimum of every 6 months.  Removal of membership for lack of participation or attendance is appropriate.

Direct marketers (multi-level sales) are not allowed membership.


New member application process:

A) Applicants may come from current member referral or on their own from outside.
B) Applicants must participate in two (2) meetings.  After the second meeting, they may apply for membership
C) The membership committee will decide on acceptance, by majority vote.
D) A non-referred applicant must interview w/the membership committee prior to approval